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DIY Rainbow Mailbox

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We love sending and receiving beautiful mail.  The boys are always eager to draw or splash some colour to add some magic to an envelope.  I imagine our beautifully decorated envelopes or packages brighten (even if for just a moment) the day of the people who take them along to their destination.  Both my boys have pen pals and there is always much excitement when a letter is received from a far flung country.

DIY Rainbow Mailbox - Happy Active Kids Australia

Writing or drawing (in the case of Little boy) to a pen friend provides the boys the opportunity to learn about other countries or cultures from afar.  To further encourage writing (for Big boy), we sometimes write little notes to each other. Oh the surprise and joy of receiving a little love note/gift tucked under one’s pillow or in your shoes!

DIY Rainbow Mailbox - Happy Active Kids Australia

We thought it would be fun to make our own mailbox to encourage mail giving in our home.  We crafted our mail box from a nappy/diaper box and it is super simple to make. This craft is great for cutting, gluing and developing fine motor skills.  It also provides another opportunity to recycle and repurpose!

We hope you enjoy making this mailbox and hope it provides you with many happy and joyful mail!

DIY Rainbow Mailbox - Happy Active Kids Australia


  • 1 x nappy box
  • 1 x large bead
  • 1 x brad fastener
  • Extra cardboard for flag


  1. Tape any open flaps on the nappy/diaper box shut.
  2. Using an exacto knife cut three sides of a rectangle onto largest side of box to make the opening to post letters.
  3. Cut another rectangle on the side of mailbox to retrieve mail.
  4. Cut out a circle on side opening of mailbox big enough for your finger for ease of opening.
  5. Decorate mailbox as preferred.  We covered ours with paint chips.
  6. Use a glue gun to glue bead onto front flap of mailbox.
  7. For the mailbox flag, cut out a large “L” shape from cardboard.
  8. Paint the flag red and use the brad fastener to secure to side of mailbox.

DIY Rainbow Mailbox - Happy Active Kids Australia

* This post and all associated images have been supplied by the lovely Rossa from Curious Little People.  Follow her on Instagram for more creative inspirations!

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