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Plum Play Sand & Water Play FAQs.

Why isn’t my sand pit cover a tight fit?

Safety is our first priority and all of our toys are manufactured to meet the strict regulations set down in the EN71 Toy Safety Standard.  This standard has recently been revised to reduce the chance of a child getting trapped under a sand pit cover (or similar item) and suffocating. The regulation now requires that the sand pit cover is removable with a force of less than 50N which is why the cover you have been supplied is not a tight fit. 

We’re working on a new cover design that takes this into account.

Where can I buy a replacement sand pit cover?

Some replacement covers are available to purchase - please contact us.

If you can't find a cover to fit the model of your sand pit, get in touch.

Where can I buy a replacement sand pit liner?

Unfortunately our sand pit liners are not currently available to purchase online. If you require a replacement liner, please contact us.

How much sand do I need to buy to fill my sand pit?

To find out how much sand you need, please refer to the specific product page. We have included two weights; the lower to fill the sand pit half full and the higher to fill it completely.

Please note that we always recommend using washed play sand safe for use in children’s sand pits.

My sand pit has a fabric liner, but I was expecting a solid base. Why is this?

For ease of use most of our sandpits are supplied with a fabric liner base rather than a solid base. This is to ensure easier transportation around the garden, smaller storage space for winter seasons and ease of changing sand for hygiene purposes.