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DIY Easter Chick Card

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My boys love making greeting and holiday cards for family and friends.  With Easter just a few weeks away, my boys were very eager to make some DIY Easter Chick Cards.  It is a fun and practical way for children to practise their writing and there is something so special about receiving a lovingly made greeting card.

DIY Easter Chick Card - Happy Active Kids Australia

This also presented a brilliant opportunity to learn about the importance of Easter for Christians so we picked up some children’s Easter books from our local library and got reading.  We read that Easter is the most important time in the Christian calendar and forms part of Holy week. Holy week starts on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter), Good Thursday (the day of Jesus’s Last Supper), Good Friday (the day Jesus was crucified) and Easter Sunday (the day Jesus rose from the dead).  This was a brilliant lesson in world religion for my boys.

DIY Easter Chick Card - Happy Active Kids Australia

We discussed popular Easter symbols last week and my Big boy wanted to make a greeting card with a chick on it.  At Easter time, eggs represent a symbol of new beginnings and renewed faith. A cute, newly hatched chick sure does represent new life!

DIY Easter Chick Card - Happy Active Kids Australia

These Easter cards are so cute and fun to make. As this is a paper craft, there is cutting and gluing involved, which kids love.  This is a great way to practice and reinforce scissor skills and is also a brilliant fine motor activity. Young children will also enjoy recognising basic shapes and cutting these shapes from paper.

DIY Easter Chick Card - Happy Active Kids Australia

We’re now off to make approximately another 34 of these cards, hopefully we finish before Easter!

  • A4 paper
  • Yellow tissue/crepe paper
  • Orange paper scraps
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Yellow feathers
  1. Fold A4 paper in half to make a card.  
  2. Cut a circle in the middle of one half of the A4 paper.  To do this, fold one half of the A4 paper in half again, cut out a semi-circle and open up.
  3. For the chick’s body feathers, cut strips of yellow crepe 2cm wide and the length of the cut out circle.
  4. Fold the crepe paper strips into a concertina and cut a U shape.  When opened up, this will resemble feathers.
  5. Glue the crepe paper strips across the cut out circle on the inside of the card, overlap with each strip.
  6. Glue googly eyes on to chick’s body or alternatively cut out eyes from paper scraps.
  7. For the beak, cut out a triangle shape from orange paper and glue below the eyes.
  8. For the legs, cut out leg shape from orange paper and glue below the chick’s body.
  9. For the wings, glue feathers on to the sides of the chick’s body.

DIY Easter Chick Card - Happy Active Kids Australia

* This post and all associated images have been supplied by the lovely Rossa from Curious Little People.  Follow her on Instagram for more creative inspirations!

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