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How to make a recycled tissue box monster

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Happy Active Kids - Australian Outdoor Play Equipment - Recycled Tissue Box Monster - Happy Kids are Creative Kids

My big boy and I attempted to craft a recycled tissue box monster - inspired by Halloween and one of our favourite books "Monster Chef".

We gave gave him vicious talons, sharp spikes, savage horns and black mangey hair!

Despite all this, he remains loveable, so in the end we named him Marcel after Nick Bland’s book “Monster Chef”. Our Marcel is no chef though, his specialty is hugs!



  • 1 x Tissue box
  • 5 x Toilet rolls
  • 2 x White bottle caps
  • 1 x Blue bottle cap
  • Scraps of various coloured paper (white, green yellow, red, black)
  • 2 x Black pipe cleaners
  • 2 x Mini pom poms


1-  To make main body, paint or decorate tissue box as preferred. We used a black marker to decorate ours.

2- Use glue gun to glue on blue bottle cap for nose.

3- To make eyes, using a black marker draw dots in each of the white bottle caps. Use a glue gun to glue white bottle caps on its side to the top of tissue box.

Happy Active Kids - Recycled Tissue Box Monster - Australian Supplier of Kids Outdoor Play equipment

4- To make hair, cut through one side of toilet roll and unroll tube into a flat piece. Score and fold over one end of the flattened toilet roll; at about 1/3rd length from edge.

5- This fold will be the base to glue hair onto tissue box. Starting from the top end of flattened toilet roll, cut strips up to the fold, to resemble hair. Repeat with another two toilet rolls. Paint the three toilet roll hair pieces black and glue onto tissue box using a glue gun.

6- Cut two slits onto top of tissue box and push in black pipe cleaners for horns. Glue a mini pom pom to the tip of each horn.

7- To make legs and feet, cover two toilet rolls with coloured paper and glue onto feet cut out of coloured paper. Use a black marker to draw spikes on legs. Use glue gun to glue top of legs to underside of tissue box.

8- To make arms, draw and cut shape of arms with fingers from coloured paper (stiff paper is preferable here so arms don’t flop), draw spikes on arms and glue onto sides of tissue box.

9- To make talons, cut triangle shapes from black paper and glue onto fingers and feet.

10- To make teeth and tongue, using coloured paper cut teeth and glue into tissue box opening. Cut tongue shape from red paper and glue into tissue box opening.

* This post and all associated images have been supplied by the lovely Rossa from Curious Little People.  Follow her on Instagram for more creative inspirations!

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