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DIY Egyptian Necklace

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DIY Egyptian Necklace - Happy Active Kids

My Big boy is obsessed with Egypt… and dinosaurs (but that’s a story for another day).  At the library, he always gravitates towards books on Egypt. He loves paging through (as he can’t read yet) books on Pharaohs, mummies and pyramids.

I introduced the word “Egyptology” to Big boy and explained that the word means the study of the language, history and way of life in ancient Egypt.  I can understand his fascination, Egypt was a land of powerful kings and queens, enormous breathtaking buildings, mystical gods and piles of gold – it is the stuff of adventure tales and fantasies!

DIY Egyptian Necklace - Happy Active Kids

Reading about ancient Egypt is a wonderful opportunity to expose children to history and another culture.  I find the study of history relevant to the modern day as understanding the past contributes to our understanding of the present.  Bringing Egyptian themes to the present day is also a way of honouring and remembering the past.

All the images of Egypt inspired us to make a super simple Egyptian neckpiece from a paper plate.  We always seem to accumulate excess party supplies at our home so this was a wonderful way to re-imagine their use in a different way.  Decorating the neckpiece is a brilliant opportunity to be creative and you can use any decorative craft supply that is on hand.

DIY Egyptian Necklace - Happy Active Kids

The painting, peeling and sticking of stickers was also a great fine motor workout for the boys.  We also identified shapes whilst crafting; our plates and gems were circles, stickers were stars and we had heart shapes on the washi tape. We also practiced counting and 1:1 correspondence with the stickers, gem stones and paper clips.

I’m off to bring Big boy back to reality that he’s NOT the Pharaoh around here!


  • Paper/plastic plates
  • Paper clips
  • Assorted stickers, glitter, washi tape for decorating


  • Cut out a rough circle on one end of paper or plastic plate so it fits around child’s neck.
  • Decorate as preferred.  We painted our plastic plates with acrylic paint and decorated with stickers and gems.
  • Join paperclips together and hang off neckpiece as preferred.

DIY Egyptian Necklace - Happy Active Kids

* This post and all associated images have been supplied by the lovely Rossa from Curious Little People.  Follow her on Instagram for more creative inspirations!

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