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DIY Hot Air Balloon

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DIY Hot Air Balloon - Happy Active Kids Australia


Do you always have leftover party accessories? I know I do! I’ve been thinking of ways to use up our excess party gear when the idea for this craft occurred to me.  It’s a DIY hot air balloon that can be used to decorate your little one’s room. Hot air balloons have always had a whimsical quality to me and I was excited to make this craft with my boys.  They were besides themselves with anticipation!

In planning our hot air balloon we looked up some pictures of hot air balloons which sparked Big boy’s curiosity on how hot air balloons work.  It turned out to be a very interesting science discussion! We read that hot air balloons have three parts, the envelope (balloon part), burner and the basket (where pilot and passengers stand).  

Hot air balloons work on the basic premise that hot air rises because it is lighter than cool air.  The burner uses gas to heat the air in the envelope which causes the balloon to rise. To bring the balloon down, a flap on the top of the balloon is opened to release the hot air which cools the air in the envelope and causes the balloon to descend.  To move sideways, the balloon rides with the wind!

DIY Hot Air Balloon - Happy Active Kids Australia

Our hot air balloon is not the traditional balloon shape as our lantern is spherical.  I used the opportunity to introduce the 3D sphere shape to Little boy. After the boys painted the hot air balloon, I asked them to match the star stickers to the same colour on the hot air balloon for a colour matching activity.

This DIY hot air balloon is so easy to make, as it mainly involves painting and decorating.  This craft encourages creativity as you can decorate your hot air balloon however you like. All the steps of making this hot air balloon also provides a great fine motor skill workout.

We’ve never ridden in a real hot air balloon, so until then, we’ll make do with our DIY version!

  • 1 x hanging lantern
  • 1 x paper ice cream cup
  • Twine/yarn
  • Assorted sticker (optional)
  • Paint lantern with acrylic paint as preferred.
  • Decorate ice cream cup as preferred.
  • Use tip of scissor to make three holes on tip of ice cream cup.
  • Thread twine/yarn through the holes and secure to bottom of lantern.
  • Decorate hot air balloon as preferred.  We used foam stickers on ours.

DIY Hot Air Balloon - Happy Active Kids Australia

* This post and all associated images have been supplied by the lovely Rossa from Curious Little People.  Follow her on Instagram for more creative inspirations!

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